Romer Changes Automotive Industry

Many companies benefit from various Romer products including those involved in the manufacture of furniture, sheet metal and molded plastics, as well as those involved in shipbuilding, product designs, heavy equipment and even aerospace among others.

Romer continues to have an impact in all of these industries especially the automotive industry which is regularly reliant on reverse engineering, 3D scanning and products development. This is an industry that maintains its competitiveness by coming out with innovative products that pass rigorous quality control.

And when one speaks of quality control, one can only think of flexible quality control and inspection tools like the portable arm coordinating measuring machines from Romer.

Romer is a corporation with company headquarters located in Michigan’s Hexagon Metrology Precision Center. It is well-known for manufacturing dependable and innovative products that respond to the necessities of general engineering industries, particularly the heavy equipment and automotive industries.

The automotive industry has become so competitive that companies need to produce highly innovative products in a short period of time. Otherwise, it gets left behind by other companies that can easily come up with shorter production runs.

Companies producing cars have learned from experience that there is a way to improve their productivity and their product quality. With Romer’s products, automotive companies can decrease ramp up times and reduce part rejections, thus improving production efficiency and decreasing losses.

Romer for the Motor Sport Industry

The automotive industry is far-reaching but one of the most notable and popular sectors is motor sport. This sector considers Dekra, which is the German Touring Car Masters’ official technical partner, one of the leading professional organizations in the world.

With more than 22,000 employees and active involvement in over 50 countries worldwide, Dekra relies on Romer’s measuring arm to ensure quality and long-term safety in the field of motor sport. One very significant Romer instrument in the racetrack is the portable Romer CMM.

Racing enthusiasts watching the DTM racing weekends will usually find Volker Noeske and Wolfgang Dammert of the Dekra Team in the circuits, to make sure that everything is according to regulations, including the weight of every vehicle and driver. They are of course armed with the Romer Infinite 2.0 measuring arm for the dimensional checks.

With the low weight of the Romer arm, it has become very handy and portable equipment for the race. It is thus not surprising that since the 2010 season, it has been used at every DTM race the world over.

Romer for Heavy Machinery

Romer measuring arms are also an integral part in Ausa’s operations, which is very significant considering that it is the biggest manufacturer of all-terrain forklifts, dumpers and concrete mixers in the world.

Ausa is a multinational company with a 64,000 square meter headquarters and production plant in Barcelona, and with subsidiaries in Florida, China, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Madrid. Ausa has a wide reach as its products are marketed by 225 distributors in more than 70 countries.

The company has enhanced its production and is relying on Romer’s measuring arm to make its production line more efficient.

Romer’s measuring arms and other products are certainly heaven-sent for the automobile industry, especially for companies that want to maintain its competitiveness the world over.

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Why Choose Furniture Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is a very useful means for reviving your home. Appearance, health, extended wear and air quality are among the reasons why you should become one of the many people that are taking benefit of this.

The nice appearance of your furniture can best be kept by having upholstery cleaning done in your home. Who would want to be the laughing stock of the neighborhood because of a dirty appearance of the upholstery? I can tell you, no one would. Therefore, you should start considering furniture upholstery cleaning! The result can only be an advantage to you, as your furniture will always look as good as new. Furniture upholstery cleaning can even be used in order to avoid the future damages of the upholstery, by spills and other home incidents.

Furniture upholstery cleaning can be the best solution for saving a lot of money. There are not many people who can afford replacing all the furniture in their homes every time it starts showing signs of wear. Dirt is more dangerous than you think, as it will make furniture age faster. Therefore, should you want it to last longer, regular furniture upholstery cleaning is the key to all your concerns.

Another very important reason for having furniture upholstery cleaning is the air quality in your home we are living in. Dust, mildew and many other allergens deep into your furniture are the main cause of numerous problems with the air quality in your house. The bad air quality in a person’s home can lead to several serious breathing problems and eczema, not to speak about the allergy problems! Furniture upholstery cleaning is a handy tool for eliminating all the allergens that are causing you problems and can keep them away to help improve the air quality in your home. You will see the first results after just one time of upholstery cleaning.

As you all know, the health of each and every one of us is being affected by the bacteria in our living environment. The truth of the matter is that bacteria can get deep into your furniture and cause many problems, such as odors and sickness in your home. This is the reason why a person who is getting sick often should have furniture upholstery cleaning done, as this may probably help his or her health. Therefore, upholstery cleaning helps to get rid of bacteria that can be harmful and cause serious health problems. One should have it done on a regular basis in order to get the best health results.

To sum it up, furniture upholstery cleaning is very useful, provided it is being done regularly. Therefore, those of you who want your home to be attractive and healthy as well, the upholstery cleaning can be a great thing to do.

How to Keep Your Garden Furniture Clean

Making sure that your garden furniture is always clean and well-maintained is important to always have a beautiful and stylish garden, especially since the garden is often used as a place for parties, gatherings and the setting of a wide variety of family activities. However, you need to remember that garden furniture are made from a wide variety of materials and the proper method of cleaning and maintenance would depend on the type of material that a piece is made of. Most garden furniture are made from plastic and metal, but there are also those which are made from wood, which are more difficult to maintain but offers timeless elegance and style. Here are some tips that could help you in keeping your garden furniture clean.

1. Get rid of dirt and other natural particles such as branches, flowers, leaves and dried up bird droppings through the use of a small broom or brush with nylon bristles. You could also use a leaf blower to get rid of fallen leaves and dirt that have accumulated on your furniture.

2. For additional protection, apply a few thin coats of car wax on the exposed areas of your plastic or metal garden furniture.

3. If your wooden furniture have not been pre-treated or painted, you could protect and waterproof them through using paint, clear sealants, oils, polyurethane coatings or stains. However, make sure that you are careful to avoid putting sealant on the screws since the wood would contract and expand as time passes, making it harder to tighten them if needed.

4. Remember that regardless of the type of wood used, all of your wooden garden and outdoor furniture should be kept indoors during the winter.

5. Sealed wooden furniture could be washed with water and a mild detergent. If you need to scrub off dirt and grime, you could do so gently. Afterwards, you could rinse using a low pressure garden hose.

6. Make sure that you regularly check the condition of your painted metal furniture. Look out for rust or bubbles on the painted surface. Bubbles and other irregularities usually appear if there is rusting underneath the paint. If you see some, consider having your furniture restored before their condition worsens.

7. If you have garden furniture pieces which are made with vinyl, avoid using car wax and abrasive scrubs or brushes on them. This is because abrasive cleaning equipment could wear away the protective layers of the vinyl while car was would harden its breathable surface.

8. If you have aluminum garden furniture, you would first need to check if it is painted or not. If it has been painted, cleaning can be done with water and mild soap; however, it has not been painted, you need to make sure that it would not oxidise. To prevent oxidation, you would need to use some automotive paste wax. However, if you see pitted marks on your aluminum furniture, it means that it has extreme oxidation. If you see this, you could use a metal polishing paste. If the oxidation is not severe, you can use a mild acidic solution made with equal parts of water and white vinegar.

Because garden furniture are usually subjected to the different elements, they can easily gather dirt, rust or deteriorate. Through following these cleaning and maintenance tips, you should be able to make sure that your garden furniture would always be beautiful and in good condition for the next couple of decades.